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All publications of TSCF-E. shall be subject to preliminary evaluation.

Evaluation is not a form of social control but an intelligent process for quality assessment.

TSCF-Editions shall contribute to re-establishing impartial and rational evaluation in the social and economic sciences.


TSCF-Editions shall apply a procedure that will be fair and respectful to authors. The comments provided to authors shall be constructive and be designed to help them produce manuscripts that subscribe to an international standard of quality.


TSCF-Editions shall contribute to re-establishing impartial and rational evaluation in the social and economic sciences. TSCF-Editions shall use of a rigorous evaluation methodology. Evaluation shall be based exclusively on the use of the TSCF-Editions methodology.


TSCF-Editions shall publish works of an international quality class.

TSCF-Editions evaluation criteria shall be the following:

  • – Contribution to TISR model
  • – Clarity/reality of findings/results
  • – extrapolate ability, quantitative or not, of the findings/results to other value fields/groups of population
  • – Originality and value added of the conclusions/results
  • – Appropriateness of methodology/approach
  • – Conclusions/results supported by data analysis/experience
  • – Clarity of the formal structure
  • – Clarity of expression and reader-friendliness
  • – Conformity to presentation guidelines for authors (expressed publicly and available to authors prior to submission).
  • These criteria are combined and weighted within a system of scales.
  • The whole builds the specific TSCF scientific evaluation methodology.
  • Criteria weighting and scales may be updated according to changes in the editorial policy of TSCF-Editions.

The following evaluation procedure shall apply:

  • – Receipt of the submissions shall be acknowledged
  • – Submissions shall be anonymously peer reviewed; both authors and reviewers shall be anonymous (double blind evaluation)
  • – Referees shall be at least two, one being a specialist in the field involved (in order to test technical accuracy) and the other a non-specialist (in order to test reader-friendliness and acceptability by the public)
  • – Evaluation shall be as prompt as possible. It shall be processed within an approximate maximal three-month time frame
  • – if the TSCF-Editions decides that a manuscript can be published only after some improvements, the author should send the revised version of the manuscript to the Review within two months of receiving the request of revision
  • – There may not be more than three rounds of reviews of the same manuscript
  • – Manuscripts written by Editorial Board Members shall be refereed by independent referees.

  • – Authors are bound to follow the regulations and instructions of TSCF. They are bound by the TSCF ethical codes.
  • – Manuscripts should have been corrected for errors when presented, and shall be regarded as accurate. Authors are responsible for factual content.
  • – Authors should indicate sources of funding when required by these sources and any restrictions on publication placed on them by sponsors.
  • – It is the duty of the authors to clear copyright on data of all types. Simultaneous or later submission of the same manuscripts to other editors is not permitted. Authors must certify that manuscripts presented have not been and will not be published elsewhere.
  • – No websites should be listed in the text or in the bibliography unless they provide their readers with a reciprocal link to TSCF-Editions.
  • – Publications with TSCF-Editions should be accurately listed in the authors’ bibliographies and resumes.

Neither the management of TSCF-Editions nor the evaluators disclose to third parties the content of the manuscripts they review.

All work published by TSCF is subject to copyright. TSCF alone holds the rights pertaining to the TSCF-Editions publications. These publications may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any manner or in any medium, unless written consent is given by TSCF. Such consent shall be granted only if the authors’ names and the name of TSCF-Editions as the first publication medium appear on the work or the excerpt, and no charge is made for the copy containing the work or excerpt.

TSCF Editions intends to make a contribution to the improvement of the social, moral, and economic environment by generating awareness of the problems of contemporary society – and by discussing their solutions.

Our publications refer on the one hand to the TSCF model, and on the other hand to the TSCF topic list mentioned on the left column of this page. Both in terms of subjects and approach, they contribute to illustrate, apply, refine, or expand this model – be it in part or in whole, directly or indirectly.

TSCF focuses on the strategies of the ruling class as an essential explanatory factor of contemporary developments, and associates the economic, ethnic, and intergenerational fields of investigation.

All publications of TSCF Editions are subject to independent evaluation. Evaluation is not a form of social control but an intelligent process for quality assessment.

TSCF Editions follows a rigorous evaluation methodology. In addition to criteria linked with the scientific quality of the research submitted, we take into account criteria of social utility, policy opportunity, and potential interest for the wider public.

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