Building Social Capital



TSCF is a catalyst for ideas to shore up the social, economic, moral and political environment. It aims at promoting shared understanding for the development of an inclusive community.



TSCF’s political line is original, and independent of any existing policy. To build social capital, we must support freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and civil liberties, as they are essential components of a strong civil society. We must also learn to live together and solve our problems independently on the state and other tutelary, descending power.



To achieve its mission, TSCF leads socio-economic research and debate. It generates awareness through the dissemination of knowledge among the public. It sets up international conferences, edits publications, and promotes innovations that contribute to the development of social capital.


As a global think tank, using the resources of modern science in a broad and humanist perspective, it pools different experiences from a wide range of backgrounds.  It is thus able to formulate critical perspectives, as well as alternatives to conventional policy.  TSCF is a natural heir of The Club of Rome, and develops internationally an approach comparable to the one of the Communitarian Network in the US.

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