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Lessons of Covid19 – New Impulse for The New Leviathan
Covid19  - Sars-Cov2  

In March 2020, governments coordinated by WHO launched a vast operation against a supposed coronavirus infection. The supposed pandemic started in China, later expanded to Europe, North America and worldwide. In many countries, governments took unprecedented measures in times of peace, such as confining parts or the whole of the population, closing borders, banning gatherings, imposing curfews, face masks and "social distancing", as well as closing shops and businesses. Emergency laws were adopted, police and militarized surveillance was used, prison time and fines were applied to those who were transgressing the rules.

The so-called epidemic widely vanished as from May 2020, and it appeared that its death rate was not worse than the ones of other seasonal flu syndromes. In addition, there is evidence that the numbers had been systematically inflated by declaring many deceases of patients with Covid19 as "death from covid19", while the concerned were suffering from one or several chronic diseases that could well be the real cause of their death. The case of Belgium is striking - a country that has in theory the highest numbers of deaths in the world per million, but in reality over-reported these Covid-19 cases based on the fact that these patients were in elderly homes, without testing them whatsoever. In addition, the predictive models used by the Imperial College London on behalf of WHO systematically exaggerated the prospective magnitude and lethality of the pandemic. Not only were the numbers manipulated, but they were disseminated massively by the media in an apparent attempt to cause fear. Countries that confined little, or did not confine at all, did not fare worse than those who did, the closure of schools did not help with the disease, and the medicines available, such as hydroxychloroquine, were systematically barred by the medical establishment.

The implications for the economy were far worse, and likely will develop for the years to come: a contraction of international trade, a destabilization of the globalized supply chains, and vast declines in GDP, resulting in higher unemployment, poverty and distress. The sectors of transport, airlines, hospitality, catering, events and more were severely hit, while the already fragile financial sector  was put further at risk. Many shops and small businesses went bankrupt. As measures were taken to smoothen the effect of the sanitary policy on the economy- such as unemployment for employees and loans for employers -, the huge shock on both demand and supply resulted in more debt and unhealthy money printing.

Why so? In a recent interview, an apparatchik of the Geneva-based Foundation for Strategic Research gives us a clue: the Covid19 pandemic was the perfect "stress test" for our societies. It transpires that WHO, the Imperial college and other such organizations are funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; that Bill Gates and other oligarchs, such as George Soros, Elon Musk and the Rockefellers, seek to promote a surveillance society with compulsory vaccination, digital ID tracking, digital currency instead of cash, and the use of AI to monitor people. There are chances that this Coronavirus crisis is a repeat of the previous sanitary crises at a larger scale, and a drill or rehearsal that announces later containment measures, be it under the pretense of a new virus or otherwise. Analyzing the measures taken and the recommendations issued by governments, it appears clearly that the former:

- revive moribund governments and reassert their power over civil society,

- restrict public freedoms and basic rights such as the freedom of movement, the right to demonstrate, entrepreneurial and trade freedom, the right to work, property rights, and religious freedom,

- prevent people to celebrate funerals and religious rituals, to see their elderly, to meet other people and gather, and to develop a normal social life, thus weakening the social link,

- introduce extreme surveillance methods such as personal social network tracking, social media censorship, the intervention of the military, and the use of drones,

- push for mandatory vaccination of the whole population,

- spread fear and mutual mistrust through the imposition of masks, gloves and social distancing,

- are detrimental to small- and medium-sized business and conversely favor large retail, Big Pharma and the GAFA,

- risk to unseat President Trump and other populist leaders that put into question the Power's policy on essential points, such as mass immigration,  the role of the nation, the role of the middle class, and the critique of the Deep State.

The final consequences of this "stress test" may eventually go beyond the intentions of the perpetrators. They may, in effect, make people more aware of the progressive decay of their liberties. The oligarchy may be materially rich, but their mental models are poor, over-simplistic and unscientific. They neglect the role of consciousness and free will in the human being. That may prove to be a major obstacle on their road to power in the years ahead.



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