The Social Capital Foundation supports approaches that contribute to re-orientating policies as well as personal behaviors to ensure the development of Social Capital. It does this through research, publication, events, and by any means that may illuminate appropriate responses to the challenges of today’s society.

The Social Capital Foundation’s orientation emphasizes the social dimension of the market economy, the pivotal role of the middle class in modern society, the improvement of social cooperation and civic participation, the development of an autonomous, vibrant civil society, and the preservation of cultural identity for community integration.

We believe that to free society,  state machinery and government intervention should be massively reduced. However, this process should not benefit solely a group of capital owners. In no way should it lead to the dismantlement of social rights, poverty, precariousness, and general selfishness.

Government power can diminish only if the organized civil society gradually develops and if the community spirit gains strength. Society is not a simple collection of individuals. As research has demonstrated, the members of society form a whole, are involved in a link based on shared values and other similarities. Wherever this link is strengthened, society becomes healthier and happier.


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