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  1. TSCF defines third way between Statism and Neoliberalism
    Government has become too invasive in many countries and its intervention into society should be reduced. However, the issue is how to replace government. Neo-liberalism has no answer, except emphasizing individual freedom and the free enterprise. But society is not a set of individuals. Reducing the powers of government is…
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  2. TSCF proposes return to improved European Monetary System (EMS)
    The economic stimulus plans launched by governments to tackle the so-called “financial crisis” of  2008 led to aggravated deficits and debt. In the EU, governments are heavily indebted. In most cases, they can fund their debt only through new borrowing. Default is possible for some of these governments within a…
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  3. TSCF in favor of Flat Tax
    Too often, governments and bureaucrats have played God with citizens’ money, creating fiscal ‘niches’, ‘exemptions’, 'duties', ‘special taxes’ or even ‘incentives’ supposed to influence the taxpayers’ behaviors. This, however, is not the normal purpose of taxation. The normal purpose of taxation is not to manipulate the citizens. It is simply…
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