There is no science behind WHO and government policies regarding Covid19. Masks, lockdowns and vaccines do not work, and even bear negative consequences for public and individual health. These policies are baseless and must be repealed.

Despite censorship on social media, there is growing public awareness, thanks for a wide part to the work of lucid and courageous whistleblowers, that these policies will destroy the economy, disaggregate the middle class and sacrifice the youth.

It is also increasingly clear that these policies are not sanitary ones, but rather aim at restructuring society and at preparing for the advent of a new world social order. That order favors the interests of the oligarchy. A new international class frontier opposes the tiny but ultra-rich upper class and their servants (experts or politicians) to the rest of the population.

It is time to lift the sanitary measures and completely reopen the economies. We must be able to produce, trade, travel, and socialize again without any restrictions. Government must be at our service, and the best government is a limited one.

It is also time to rein in censorship on big tech social media platforms. These platforms cannot be allowed to determine what is true and what is not not. Too much power is concentrated in their hands, and this is dangerous for democracy. It is time to break them up and restore our civil liberties.