1 - VOLUME 2 (2000) - ISSUE 3 (SUMMER)

The President’s Editorial

1 - Patrick HUNOUT Population, Cultures and Migrations : A Challenge for the New Century

Cross-Cultural Management

2 - Johanna LUDVIGSEN Cultural Differences Among Nordic Managers

Minorities, Cultures and Language

3 - Maya DAVID and Ibtisam NAJI Do Minorities Have to Abandon their Languages ? A Case Study of the Malaysian Tamils

5 - VOLUME 2 (2000) - ISSUE 4 (WINTER)

Professor Kosaka's Editorial

1 - Kenji KOSAKA Where does Asia go ? Transitions in Asian Societies

Italy and Immigration : A Matter of Culture ?

7 - Umberto MELOTTI Italian Immigration Policy and the Italian Political Culture

The International Scope Review publishes pluridisciplinary research on the contemporay transformations taking place in industrial countries, in accordance to the highest standards of scientfic evaluation and creative problem-solving.

it covers three fields:

  • Economic Policies, Management and Capital-Labor Relationships
  • Interethnic Relationships
  • Interpersonal Relationships

By linking the approaches there three fields, The International Scope Review offers a unique, stimulating and innovative perspective on current changes in society and economy.

The International Scope Review is a truly international organization, with a tripartite ( European, American and Asian) Editorial Board.

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