The mission of the TSCF Trust is to administer the business of its parent organisation, The Social Capital Foundation, and to make sure that the latter's programs are appropriately funded. The Trust is fully
empowered to propose and develop any operational business able to fund the projects of its parent organisation.


The Trust covers a wide range of skills. Please see the synopsis of our services as well as our

organizational flowchart above.

Our core skill is Professional Development, which includes personal empowerment, career management,

and outplacement.

Change Management is a second important approach with the combined use of social science surveys and restructuring and Organisation Development know-how, including evaluation and impact assessment.

Cross-cultural Management is a third area of expertise based on our research regarding the analysis and comparison of cultures, with application to organisation, relocation, negotiation and trade.

We use both the resources of social science and field experience.

TSCF has been the first consultancy to introduce coaching to the European Commission, Directorate General Enterprise (2000), and it subsequently led various coaching processes in different Directorates of the European Commission. It has experience of tutoring, teaching and training, individually and collectively, within change management processes and outplacement operations at different levels of qualification.

TSCF is a non-profit organisation. All revenues generated by its consulting activities are destined to fund our non-profit charitable programs.







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